Monday, April 19, 2010

Often in Paris...

... the line for the eiffel tower can stretch aaaaaalllll the way around the base.


When you finally make it up to the top, though...


... the view makes it all worthwhile.



  1. Good for you, Alice.

    Mark Twain knew that most people wouldn't take his advice, hence he could keep sellin' paper and ink.

    Good for Mr. C.

  2. Hi Alice,

    I found your blog via "Peonies and Polaroids" while doing a search for "paris". My husband and I are going for 10 days next month to Paris and we'll be staying in a flat in the 5th arrondissement.

    I perused a bit of your blog today and your posts on Paris are just lovely! Would you mind pointing me in the direction of any of your favorite spots / suggestions / must-see's? Even just some links to your blog about places would be awesome!

    Thanks for writing so much about your trip---its helpful to find such wonderful tales of travel!

    Stephanie Fishwick

  3. pretty!

  4. hello gorgeous.

    As discussed I would check out your blog and I think its amazing.

    I'm Marissa by the way - I met you at the usluairlines nail paint launch. I'm now following you ;)

    Very impressive cutie. Check my blog. You feature.