Tuesday, June 16, 2009


You're probably wondering where all my polaroids have gone. Well, disaster struck this weekend. As I was putting my camera in my bag to take it on a bit of an outing to the park, I dropped it on the floor, and a bit broke off, and now it doesn't work! Very sad. I had hoped that I'd be able to do some kind of DIY repair-job, but no such luck. So my idea of daily-polaroids to record my last days in Paris is no more. Here's the very last photo I took with my dearly departed camera before its sad demise: 

Last class at Sciences Po

It's of the classroom where on friday I had my very last class at Sciences Po. Hurrah! Just the horrid exams to go now, of course. 

Alice x 

P.S. I just realised, since all the polaroid film in the world is expiring in September, this might be the last polaroid I take EVER. Sad thoughts :(

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  1. Oh! I was really liking your concept and looking forward to the pictures! :(