Friday, June 12, 2009

Two more days slip by...

I've still been sticking to my plan to take a polaroid a day to record my last 20 days in Paris. (16 days to go!) 

Paris Polaroid #3

Wednesday's polaroid is of my metro stop at Saint-Germain de Prés. The guy in the bike rode through the shot at the last minute, but it's really a good example of the constantly bustling nature of the quartier. Just opposite this metro station is the Place Sartre-Beauvoir and the famous café, Les Deux Magots, where they used to go to write their books and wax lyrical about the nature of the universe. I've only been there once - it's completely lovely but a hot chocolate costs 7 euros! No wonder Sartre & Beauvoir eventually moved down the street to Café Flore

Paris Polaroid #4

Yesterday's photo is of dinner-time last night at L'As  du Falafel in the Marais: they have the best falafels in Paris (and possibly even the world). Words can not express how delicious they are. My mouth is watering right now. 

Alice x 


  1. I love these poloroids. Especially the second one with the blue-green window in the background. Thanks for sharing such inspiring places in Paris...a city that I hope to either visit or live in someday. Can't wait to see the next 16 day pictures.

  2. These are all the most favorite and very beautiful places of the world and looking too elegant and graceful as well.